Hey you! Welcome to my official blog! I am SO excited you are here to vibe with my taste and vision. Before i tell you about myself, I want to explain why I mention myself as "Sassy" in my blog title. The term, "sassy" describes a person to be lively, full spirited and bold. I view myself as vibrant, confident, and outgoing with a free spirit and strong personality. 


The way I described myself might make me seem a bit cocky, but let me make one thing clear: I DO NOT THINK OF MYSELF BETTER THAN ANYONE. 

I never had high self-esteem until I learned how to love and respect myself. Perfection does not exist (except God and the Universe which in my opinion are basically the same thing but that is a whole different topic).  I am a strong believer in energy and attraction. The human mind, body and spirit is capable of incredible things, things most people have no idea exist! It is up to us as humans to unlock this hidden power within us. 

Ok ok... I know I am getting a little hippie on you guys (even though that's totally what I am), I'll make this more short and sweet:

I have many hobbies/interests which include:

  • Fitness
  • Health nutrition/lifestyle
  • Modeling
  • Blogging (thanks, Ms. Obvious)
  • Music - ie. Dj-ing, producing, mixing, singing etc.
  • Video Gaming (League of Legends Silver III rank, thank you very much)
  • Yoga
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Writing

Yes, I know that is quite a list of things to have interest in, but guess what? I didn't refer to myself as being lively, bold and free spirited without reason in my introduction! (wink)

I am currently pursuing all of my interests into side income hobbies, but let me tell you, it is just a tad difficult when you are a full-time student and competitive athlete. 


I will update my blog as I continue achieving my goals! Everything new, fun and exciting will be posted on this personal website which, hopefully, can soon turn into a personal business. For now, enjoy my blog! Xoxo - Sally <3