I refer all my clients to Teami Blends company. This tea company completely changed my life. 

I have tried the 30 day detox program and It gave me incredible results! My hair grew longer, faster and my skin was clearer. It reduced bloating and helped get rid of fatigue, headaches and any stomach pain I have felt in the morning. I am a College Athlete and even though I find it difficult getting 8 hours of sleep every night, I have energy to get through my days and concentrate in the class room and on the court as well! The healing process for any cuts or injuries of mine was cut in half! Its amazing what your body can do when you rid it of toxins! I do not recommend drinking alcohol AT ALL while on the detox program, a friend of mine did and lets just say, it was not a good idea. I am drinking the Profit Tea every morning and the Alive Tea every other morning and though I am stressed from school, Volleyball and lack of sleep, I have not gotten sick and I win against exhaustion everyday. I also have an extra Colon Tea if i ever need help with digestion or a quick and gentle detox. All the teas really do produce the benefits they claim! I have purchased and am currently waiting for the Energy Tea I can drink before my Volleyball matches and the Relax Tea to help me calm my mind, relax and fall asleep faster after games/practices when my adrenaline is still up and my muscles are tense. I also bought another tumbler, the purple one, because it is so useful not only for the tea, but also when you want to make your own fruity detox water 😉So exciting!!! I am extremely happy I gave this company a try and I don't know how I would get through this semester without these teas. #THANKYOUTEAMI!